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The ambition of Cancer Campus®: to become an international reference site for innovation in cancer research


Cancer Campus is developing a biocluster, a research and innovation park dedicated to cancer and health. It is being developed in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne) around Gustave Roussy.

Cancer Campus is part of the dynamics of the Paris metropolis and is part of the "Campus Grand Parc" ZAC (, a vast development project served by the Grand Paris Express (2024-2025).

Recognized by Europe and the State, Cancer Campus therefore benefits from the support of numerous partners: Gustave Roussy and Gustave Roussy Transfert, Medicen Paris Region pole, Public assistance - Paris hospitals , Paris Sud University , Regional health agency , Chamber of commerce of Val-de-Marne , Paris Region Company , Caisse des Dépôts , Incuballiance , Genopole ...

Its actions are supported by the Ile de France Region , the General Council of Val-de-Marne , the Agglomeration Community, Gustave Roussy and the City of Villejuif.


The project is part of the Vallée Scientifique de la Bièvre, and is recognized as a metropolitan pole dedicated to health between Paris and Saclay. It is the flagship project of the "Campus, Science and Health" National Interest Contract (CIN) signed in 2016. In line with the logic of competitiveness clusters and the knowledge economy, Cancer Campus illustrates that innovation in health is a powerful driver of growth and jobs.


Innovation in cancer research for the benefit of patients

In the field of cancer research and innovation, France and Ile-de-France have
Ile-de-France have world-class potential. Cancer Campus is helping to promote and develop this potential thanks to the active presence of its members: Gustave Roussy, the AP-HP, the University of Paris-Saclay, the CCI 94 and the support of local authorities. There is no comparable site in the Paris region dedicated to innovation in cancer research that simultaneously combines so many advantages: proximity and interaction with a first-rate scientific and clinical potential, international visibility, available land, and integration into the overall development of a site that will soon be accessible via the Grand Paris Express network (2024-2025).

​​The ambition of Cancer Campus is to assert itself as the leading European pole in the field of medical innovation dedicated to oncology, consolidating the eminent place of the Ile-de-France region in innovation in the fight against cancer.

For its part, Gustave Roussy is the leading center for the fight against cancer on a European scale. It is a reference center  national and international in the field of care, research and teaching, frequently requested for its expertise. There are many scientific and medical collaborations and Gustave Roussy's involvement in programs supported by the European Union is very important. Gustave Roussy also coordinates several European organizations working for medical innovation.

​Since the end of 2014, Gustave Roussy has been part of Cancer Core Europe, a consortium of remarkable hospitals and clusters: Cambridge Cancer Center (Cambridge), Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm), Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam), Vall d'Hebron (Barcelona), German Cancer Research Center and the NationalCenter for Tumor Diseases (Heidelberg).


​Through its presence in several international events in oncology, health and biotechnology, Cancer Campus asserted itself on the international scene. The association continuously developed its actions aimed at European and international partners.

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