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Call for H2020 projects "Startup Europe for Growth"

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

H2020 call for projects "Startup Europe for Growth" for deep tech start-up support structures

The objective of the "Startup Europe for Growth" call is to create networks of European partners supporting deep tech start-ups, to animate these networks with transnational actions useful for the growth of these start-ups (meetings with investors, prospecting and access to skills to position themselves on new markets, technical-commercial partnerships, including to respond to public and private markets...) and to make the link with the service desk (One-stop-shop StartUp Europe) set up by the Commission following the last two editions of the call for projects.

In the words of the program manager at the Commission : “Open call of €10 Mio for startups ecosystems builders to connect ecosystems across Europe, build a One Stop Shop in your city and connect your One Stop Shop to the One Stop Shop of the Commission, organise cross-borders activities, help soft landing in international markets,….”

Previous winners from the Paris region are : Opticsvalley, Paris&Co and the IMT Starter Incubator of Mines Telecom.

The budget allocated is 10 million euros, for projects with a budget between 1.5 and 1.8 million euros. Applicant projects should aim to connect a maximum of 4 to 5 local ecosystems (located in different European countries), half of which are considered "developing" (for information, the EC indicates that it is possible to use the European Digital Cities ranking, scale-up section, as a reference. Cities below the 20th rank, or absent, are considered as having "developing" local ecosystems)

The reimbursement rates are advantageous, corresponding to the innovation actions under H2020 (reimbursement of direct costs up to 70% + flat rate for indirect costs).

The closing date for applications is March 28, 2019.

For more information on this call, visit the European Commission website.

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