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Testimonials from the class of 2017

Testimonials from the founders of Telomium, WeFight, Oncoradix Therapeutics and Therae.

Guillaume Kellermann (Telomium)

« OncoEntrepreneur put us in touch with quality speakers. »

Benoit Brouard (Wefight)

« OncoEntrepreneur was a way to obtain scientific validation of the interest of our concept thanks to the program's jury composed of health professionals but also patients and investors. »

Maryam Merhpour (Oncoradix Therapeutics)

« OncoEntrepreneur helped me find the CEO of our future company. »

Tanguy Boissenot (Therae)

« Various masterclasses (intellectual property, financing, statutes, etc.) help to better understand the complexity of the issues at stake. The program allows all researchers, students and young entrepreneurs to quickly develop their idea into a viable business and to have privileged access to the Cancer Campus network. »

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