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The fight against cancer: a public health issue

Since 2004, cancer has become the leading cause of death in adults in France. It affects around 320,000 new patients each year against around 170,000 in 1980. However, overall, survival is progressing and is in France one of the highest in Europe.

The incidence of cancer has prompted the commitment of the public authorities and the implementation of three “Cancer Plans” piloted by the National Cancer Institute ( INCA ).

The European Union considers cancer to be one of the main public health issues across its member countries. Since 2003, the various decision-making bodies have implemented and adopted numerous recommendations and actions to support the fight against cancer.

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Proposal for support services

Cancer Campus



  • Objectives:



The objective is to promote and support innovative business creation projects, from the maturation of the project to the creation of the start-up. Our ambition is to make you aware of entrepreneurship in order to meet unmet medical needs but also to generate new approaches and a clear roadmap to consolidate your projects.


  • Service offer:



The OncoEntrepreneur and OncoNumérique programs offer biotech, medtech, e-health and patient services project leaders support at the heart of a cluster dedicated to cancer where researchers, medical teams, academics, companies and patients meet.


OncoEntrepreneur and OncoNumérique are organized around Masterclasses and meetings with experts in the field of oncology to support projects as they mature. Start-up hosting structures, networking and communication are also added values offered by the programs.


You will be supported in the development of your business model and your business plan. You will be provided with essential tools to conduct your market studies and clinical trials.


At the end of the programs, you will be asked to pitch your project to the Cancer Campus jury to present your vision, potential, team and the stage of development of your product or service. You will receive initial feedback from the community on the strengths and areas for improvement of your project.


The creation of your company will involve a search for financing, and our staff will help you refine your business plan so that you can pitch your project to potential investors.


We also organize collaborative workshops as places for the conception and emergence of projects and teams, places where ideas, proposals, available patents and competences are crossed.

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If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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