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Cancer Care Event January 25, 2018 at Cancer Campus

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

On January 25, 2018, the New Technologies and Cancer Home Management event was held at Cancer Campus:

The event is part of the Reboot program (Click here to learn more about Reboot) and was attended by 40 participants.

On this day, Cancer Campus is able to implement the Reboot program co-funded by BPI, which provides companies and hospitals with high-level, multidisciplinary teams of students and young researchers who can help enrich a research program and work on a proof of concept.

A selection of proposals from the citizens' idea booklet was presented by CancerAdom. These proposals are an expression and identification of needs, particularly on the part of healthcare professionals and patients.

To learn more about CancerAdom: Click here.

The future actors of the ecosystem present their project:

Pr. Etienne Minvielle (Gustave Roussy) presents CAPRI (remote patient monitoring).

Philippe Jolivet presents Ailixir (project to develop new interaction tools in health and clinical research based on artificial and conversational intelligence).

Presentation of the University of Evry and Reboot by P. Bezon, as an offer of skills to meet the needs of hospitals and companies.

Etienne Dormeuil and Marc-Antoine Brochard present Stimul, a program for oncology support, return to work and social reintegration.

Claude Dumas presents Ecoreso (A second life for medical equipment)

Presentation of the partner engineering schools and Reboot by Nassim Khider as an offer of skills to meet the needs of hospitals and companies.

The ideas and highlights of the afternoon were sketched and reported by Sarah Debail.

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