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Interview with Telomium

A project supported by OncoEntrepreneur

How did your project come about?

I was a post-doctoral researcher at the University and I realized that the product I had managed to produce in the laboratory was interesting for immunotherapy. At the same time I learned that anti-tumor immunotherapy could be the success of the decade. By better understanding the mechanisms involved in its functioning, it was obvious to me that the product I had was interesting to develop.

What is your academic background?

I followed a classical university curriculum: Master's degree in biochemistry at the University of Burgundy followed by a PhD in therapeutic biotechnology at the University of Paris Diderot.

When you participated in the OncoEntrepreneur program, at what stage was your project?

I came a little late to the OncoEntrepreneur program. I arrived with my company already created and with grants, but I think that OncoEntrepreneur is good for project leaders who have questions and have not yet taken the step of creating a company.

What has the OncoEntrepreneur program done for you?

The MasterClasses were very interesting, plus it's free, so I encourage those who want to create a biotech to get started. The Cancer Campus ecosystem is beneficial. Everyone knows each other and the mutual support is useful for many reasons.

Do you have any recommendations?

No, the principle is very good and what is done is very good.

Have you kept in touch with other OncoEntrepreneurs?

I had some contacts but I didn't keep any in particular. We are at different stages of development. I am much more advanced than those I met or they are in quite different sectors (E-health).

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