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By specifically supporting the early maturation phase, MATWIN offers a program accelerator designed to maximize the transfer potential of innovation in oncology. MATWIN draws on the region's existing ecosystem (cancer clusters, SIRICs, development structures, clusters, etc.) and Unicancer's preclinical and clinical network to select and support excellent oncology research projects with strong development potential. The support offered enables the industrial attractiveness of these projects to be increased in an accelerated manner. The program is now open to European applicants (academic team or start-up) who can demonstrate collaboration with a French academic team or company. To apply for the MATWIN program, project leaders have 2 possible paths. The principle: the earlier the application is submitted, the more the MATWIN support is developed. Consult the details of the different support paths.

  • Classic course (6 months): application possible until October 31, 2021 at the latest; file to be completed (downloadable below)

  • Fast track (3 months): application possible until February 28, 2022; submission pitch to be submitted in video format.

MATWIN's coaching is open throughout the year but in order to benefit from the coaching sessions for a possible hearing before the MATWIN Board in May 2022, applications must be submitted by the deadlines indicated above. All the info:


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