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Pink October Walk - October 8, 2018

Let's all walk together against breast cancer !

On your sneakers: On October 8, 2018, let's get together to walk against breast cancer in Villejuif!

Nordic walk, solidarity and accessible to all in order to fight against breast cancer through the practice of a physical activity. This walk also aims to raise awareness about breast cancer screening.

This event is organized by the City of Villejuif, in partnership with the Val-de-Marne Committee of the League against Cancer.

All donations will be donated to the Ligue contre le cancer.

2 courses :

- 2 kms (accessible to people with reduced mobility)

- 5 kms

Practical information :

- Meeting point at 9:30 am at the Hautes-Bruyères park*.

- Remember to bring your walking sticks. The loan of sticks is limited! (for the loan of sticks, you will be asked for an ID)

- Remember to bring your water bottle and your snack.

On the day of the walk, it's up to you: Take the start of the 2 kms or the 5 kms !

*Parc des Hautes Bruyères - Avenue de la République - 94800 Villejuif (the entrance to the park is at the intersection of rue de Verdun and rue Edouard Vaillant).

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